No Worries For Expected Snow

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COLUMBIA - Snow is expected to come overnight in Mid-Missouri, but that is the least of some people's concerns.

The parking lots at Walmart, Hy-vee, and Gerbes were full of cars Wednesday night, but people in the stores weren't buying items associated with an upcoming snowfall. Instead, they were buying items like hot sauce, and doing some mid-week grocery shopping.

Bread was still on the shelves.

Walmart and Home Depot were the only businesses that brought ice melt and snow shovels to the front of the store.

Some knew snow is expected and others didn't, like Roshonda Allen. Allen is a student at the University of Missouri. She recently got back in town and is ready for school to start. She said that she remembers last year's blizzard and hopes the same thing doesn't happen again anytime soon.

"Last year, I lived across the street. I couldn't go to work, couldn't go to class, it was crazy." said Allen.

Now that she knows snow is on its way, she said "I'm going to salt my front and hope that we don't get a lot like last time."