Non-profit organization provides students with new bike helmets

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BEVIER - Rickey Bates died in a car crash in 2011. Since then, his father Rick Bates has been providing kids with new bycicle helmets.

All 85 students at Bevier in Macon were the recipient of new headgear today. The non-profit Rickey Bates BMX Banned Together Organization gifts students around the country will new helmets in rememberance of the former BMX rider.

Bevier is the only school in Missouri to receive the honor and principal Jason Martie is very happy about it. 

"Anytime our students have the opportunity to be safer on their trip to school or just when their at home playing in their own driveways or stuff like that, it's obviously important to us," Martie said. 

In addition to the helmets, Bates' organization provided kids with tips on how to ride their bike safely and correctly wear the helmet. Martie was excited about the donation that he said many of his students need. 

"I know several of the students that have already told me that they were excited to have the helmets because they didn't have one," Martie said.

Martie said he received a phone call one day regarding being chosen and now he couldn't be more thankful. 

He said he has never met Bates, but it he did, he would say one thing. 

"A great big thank you," Martie said. "A thank you from me, from the parents of our community and our community in general. We greatly appreciate it and what he did for our town."