North Callaway School District Collects Donations for Moore, Oklahoma

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KINGDOM CITY - One local group held a fundraiser for the families impacted by the deadly tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013.

"Its like looking at pictures of Joplin all over again, except a little bit worse," said North Callaway High School student Samuel Slaughter.

Almost exactly two years later, it happened again.

"When this happened in Oklahoma, we jumped into action and said let's do something to raise money, raise clothes, raise water, whatever we can get to send to Oklahoma," said volunteer Debbie Slaughter.

Parents and students at North Callaway High School started taking donations early Saturday morning. Donations ranged from money to clothes to canned goods for families in need.

"Gift cards, especially for McDonald's because a lot of kids are homeless and just getting a happy meal would make them smile," said Debbie.

But the helping didn't stop there.

"We have also discussed putting some of these kids in a van and going down over a weekend and helping volunteer to clean-up," said Debbie.

"It would be nice to go down there, give out the donations by hand," said Samuel.

At the root of the giving tree, lie boxes to either deliver by hand or send to the people in Moore.

"That's when the need the help...two months, three months down the road. And the more help people can give in that time period the better off it will be," said Debbie.

The group will continue to take donations even after Saturday.