North Village Arts Residents Concerned About Development

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COLUMBIA - Residents of the North Village Arts District of Columbia said this week they are concerned about an apartment complex being built near them.

The complex, located at Walnut St. and College Ave. will be located in an area of town with many older homes. The 300-bedroom apartment building is expected to open in August of 2012. Residents are concerned about the look of the neighborhood.

"I am worried how it will affect the neighborhood aesthetically," said resident Adam Saunders. "Many of the homes here are really old."

Saunders said his home is 140 years old and among a line of homes that are of a similar age.

"I am concerned about how the new building will fit in with the others. It takes away from the look. I want the buildings to be of the same scale," Saunders said.

Saunders is also concerned about something else.

"Traffic could be a big problem," Saunders said. "With 300 more people here it will be a huge problem. As a homeowner and resident. I am worried how it will affect the neighborhood."

Saunders is not opposed to the development, but hopes the concerns of the neighborhood are addressed.

"Development is inevitable," Saunders says. "The neighborhood is changing I am just hoping it is for the better."

The contractors on the project did not respond to KOMU 8's requests for an interview.