Not Great, Not Terrible: Study Finds Missouri Quite Average

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COLUMBIA - A University of Missouri report finds The Show Me State sits comfortably in the middle when compared to other states. Missouri has average levels of education, healthcare, and personal income according to the report titled "Snapshot Missouri: A National Comparison". This is the Institiute of Public Policy's fourth report on Missouri's benchmarks.

The report drew data from 2007 to 2011, including data from all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Missouri is ranked 22nd in unemployment, with less than nine percent of its workers unemployed. The study also found that 12.6 percent of people in Missouri do not have healthcare, ranking Missouri 27th out of all 50 states

Missouri students' math and reading test scores are also in the middle. Those numbers come from NAEP standardized testing and ACT scores. In 2011, Missouri students ranked 26th in average ACT scores.

Missouri's statistics do show a handful of extremes. When it comes to job creation, we're next to worst. The state boasts the nation's lowest tobacco taxes, and Missouri drivers rank 46th in seatbelt usage.

The report also mentions that Missourian's don't seem to mind the average rankings. When KOMU 8 presented the rankings to people in downtown Columbia, most people considered themselves exceptions to the report.