Nourish Cafe and Market holds event to promote 'clean eating' tips

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COLUMBIA - Some say, the summer body is made in the winter, and Clovers Natural Market is hoping a clean eating event will help assist people in that process.

Sunday afternoon, co-owners of Nourish Cafe and Market Kalle LeMone and Kimber Dean, taught people how to eat ‘clean’.

Lemone and Dean said eating clean means food that is locally grown, organic, gluten free, and free of any harmful sugars.  Nourish is located in downtown Columbia and serves only local organic sourced food and drinks.

“We love to share what we do and what we know, what makes us feel so good because when you feel good, you just want to share it with others,” LeMone said.

LeMone said part of eating clean is paying  attention to when certain foods are in season.

“It feels good knowing that we are probably one of the healthiest restaurants I know of,” Dean said.

Dean said her and LeMone make it part of their mission to serve their food to customers within 15 minutes or less. She said in America we are accustomed to our food being fast and usually those foods are not the healthiest options. However, they want to prove there are healthy options that are also fast.

“Kimber and I are both so passionate about healthy living and wellness in general,” LeMone said.

“It’s about making healthy food taste good," LeMone said.

During the event, people were able to taste test samples of healthy snacks.

“Making your food taste really really good, makes it hard to deny eating healthy. You’re going to feel better and everything just starts to go better. Your energy is better, and you just feel better," LeMone said.