Nov. 4 candidates meet for open forum

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COLUMBIA - Nearly 50 people attended the Candidate Forum hosted by the Columbia chapter of the NAACP on Tuesday to meet and hear the candidates for the Nov. 4 election. 

10 candidates were represented at the forum.

Some of the questions asked were:

  1. If the candidates support the Affordable Care Act
  2. How Proposition 2 would increase property tax

President of local and state NAACP, Mary Ratliff, said this forum is important to inform people about what the candidates are thinking and how they might represent them in the future.

"We held this in order that we might be able to talk to the candidates about the issues on the ballot and also the opportunity to meet and look at the candidates and ask them questions that may be prevalent to them before they vote on Tuesday," Ratliff said.

Columbia resident David Thomas has lived in Columbia for 14 years and said he came to hear the candidates present and learn about how they would handle different situations.

"It's interesting to see what they say on the different issues," Thomas said.

Reverend George Coleman Sr. said this forum helps every one get to know the candidates.

"It helps your mind," Coleman said. He said as a pastor, it's important to tell his church members about the issues and get them to vote accordingly.

Wednesday is the deadline to request a mail-in absentee ballot.