NRC Puts Nuclear Licensing Approvals on Hold, Callaway Energy Center Still Under Review

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - Ameren Missouri told KOMU 8 News Wednesday its request for a 20 year renewal license on the Callaway Energy Center is still under review, despite the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's decision to hold requests for new reactor construction and license renewals.  The decision to put a hold on requests came after a recent court ruling questioned the commission's plans for storing radioactive waste.

The NRC's Tuesday ruling will delay at least 19 requests by utilities for new operating licenses or license renewals. Those projects include Ameren Corp.'s request for a 20-year license renewal at its Callaway County plant in central Missouri.

Ameren Missouri issued a statement to KOMU 8 News saying:

"Ameren Missouri recognizes the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's memorandum and order extends just to final license issuance; all licensing reviews and proceedings will move forward. This includes the License Renewal Application for the Callaway Energy Center, which is presently undergoing NRC staff review. We support the NRC's ongoing review of our License Renewal Application."

This means if the delay is still active when the Callaway Energy Center is eligible for final license issuance, it will not be able to obtain a new license at that time.

Ameren did not say how long the delay will be active.

Environmental groups sought the delay after a federal appeals court in Washington ruled in June that the NRC's plans for long-term storage of radioactive waste at individual reactors were insufficient.

The ruling came in response to a lawsuit by New York's attorney general and others over a relicensing application for the Indian Point nuclear plant along the Hudson River.