Nuclear Reactor gets new license

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COLUMBIA - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission granted a 20-year operating license for the University of Missouri's nuclear research reactor.

The University of Misouri Research Reactor Center, known as MURR, "... is an open pool-type reactor which is light-water moderated and cooled," according to the Office of the Federal Register.

The research center is used to create radioisotopes for medical use and to analyze artifacts.


MURR is a key investment for the University because it's research generates a significant amount of money.


For almost half of a century, the reactor has been operating in Columbia. The reactor began operating in 1966 under at 50-year license granted by the NRC. The 20-year license extension was the product of an equally long application process.



The application consisted of # of pages of technical information. The process required more than paperwork. The nuclear research center's infrastructure was updated.



The Commission deteremed the facility complied with the Atomic Energy Act and the NRC's rules and regulations. The license was issued on Jan. 12, 2017.