Nuisance properties Boone County

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COLUMBIA - The Boone County Commission issued abatements for three Boone County properties Tuesday.

One property is located on East Tower Drive, one on South New Town Avenue and the last one is on East Ponderosa Street.

The order gives the Boone County Health Department the power to get a search warrant through the county prosecutors office to search these properties.  

The cost for the clean-up is billed to the owner of the property. What the county deems as junk is taken from the property by an outside service.

“Typically, I think they take it to their yard for a small amount of time and then at that time they dispose of it how they chose to.” Environmental Public Health Supervisor Kala Wekenborg-Tomka said.

Lilia Dollinger, owner of the property on Tower Drive, says she lost her storage units after it closed and she had to remove all her things from her units. Her things now layer her front and backyard. She is sorting through it and mailing some back to her family in the Philippines.

“I tossed a lot of stuff already. I am going to bring them to my basement but I am not doing it quickly,” Dollinger said.

One of Dollinger’s neighbors, Darrell Derritt said the pile has been growing for two months and he has complained to the health department.

“I just can’t enjoy myself because of the smell at night time. You can’t go out there and have a bonfire like we used to. We have been out there twice this year.” Derritt said.

Getting a property abated takes time and typically starts with a complaint. The health department investigates the property to see if a violation exists, per the Boone County Code of Ordinances.

If a violation exists, a notice is sent to the property and the owner has 15 days to fix the issue. After reinspection, if the problem still exists the County Commission may hold a public hearing to determine if a nuisance exists and if the property needs to be abated. 

The owner of the property is given a 10 day notice about the abatement hearing.  

The health department says it never heard from Dollinger. The owners of the three nuisance properties were not present at the hearing this morning.  

The health department is now trying to get search warrants for each of the properties.