Numerous cars catch fire at salvage yard on Old Hwy. 40

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - Fifty to 70 cars were damaged or destroyed from a massive fire Friday afternoon at Marcy Motors overflow lot off of Old Hwy 40. (See video below,)

Dense smoke poured from the burning vehicles, and at times it was so thick it blocked out the sun from certain angles.

KOMU 8's reporter on the scene heard loud pops, and according to the fire chief, they were the sounds of tires and airbags popping. 

Gene Nichols said he started the fire in a pit behind his home to burn garbage.

"It was boxes, clothes, some paper, but it wasn't that much. Like I said, turn your back on this stuff and it'll get ya," Nichols said.

He said that he ran to the front of his house to fill a bucket with water from a spigot, and when he returned, the fire was out of control.

No one was injured.


Editor's note: The story has been updated for clarity and with new information. 

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