"Obama Clown" Makes Appearance in Mid-Missouri Friday

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JEFFERSON CITY - The controversial "Obama Mask" is set to make an appearance in Jefferson City Friday night. Tuffy Gessling, known to most as the "Obama Clown", will preform Friday night for the first time since the controversial performance at the Missouri State Fair. Gessling made national headlines after the show that some people called racist and derogatory.

The rodeo clown has not confirmed whether the mask will make an appearance in this weekend's show.

The rodeo hosting Gessling Friday and Saturday night planned the appearance in early summer 2013.

Gessling's employer, Isaiah Dunn said he never considered cancelling because he does not think Gessling did anything wrong. Dunn also said Gessling is an important part of the show. 

Gessling is a professional entertainer, who is paid to keep the crowd energetic and entertained between bull rides. When Gessling participated in the skit with the Obama mask, he was doing it to entertain the crowd, not to offend anyone, according to Dunn. 

Dunn said, "It's an act that has been done many times in rodeos and not just in Missouri".

The act received a different reaction than other president skits, and Gessling received what is rumored to be five death threats. Despite the potential death threats, Dunn said Gessling does not plan to dramatically change his act.

The rodeo will be hed at the Cole County Fairgrounds in Jefferson City at 7:30 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday nights.