Obama Health Care Legislation Draws Crowd of Opponents

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JEFFERSON CITY - More than a thousand people showed up in two different rallies in Jefferson City Tuesday, both to protest President Obama's health care legislation.

Pro-Life Action Day involved members from religious groups across the state dressed in red T-shirts. Participants said they were there to stand up for their religious rights. Several religious leaders spoke at the event.

Protesters said the U.S. Senate violated their religious rights by refusing to pass any legislation to amend the federal health care law. President Obama announced an accommodation on February 10 that mandates all employers, including religious organizations whose doctrines oppose contraception and abortions, to cover contraception at no cost for emloyees. Protesters said this runs against their religious liberty and rights of conscience.

Meanwhile at the Capitol Plaza Hotel, almost 100 people showed up for a rally called "Hands off My Health Care." While the U. S. Supreme Court is holding court right now on the constitutionality of President Obama's health care reform law that passed back in 2010, Americans for Prosperity rallied activists to challenge the law and hoped to send the message to Washington D.C. Republican Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, Republican Congressman Todd Akin and Republican Missouri House Speaker John Brunner were among the speakers at the rally.

Activists said the health care law that asks Americans to buy medical insurance or pay a fine is unconstitutional. They blame it for killing jobs and limiting free speech.

According to a national poll, nearly one in three Americans thinks the Supreme Court should overturn the entire 2010 healthcare law. And during the Supreme Court hearing on Tuesday, justices appeared to be divided on whether Congress had the power to require most of the people to buy medical insurance, with conservative justices asking skeptical questions about it and liberal ones defending it.