Occupy COMO

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COLUMBIA - With more than 1,300 following the group's Facebook page on Thursday, "Occupy Columbia" or "Occupy COMO" hopes their efforts continue to spread.

While daytime participation is sparse, the the group had more than fifty protestors last night and say the number should be even larger tonight. A local branch of discontent carved from the group "Occupy Wall Street," protesters carry the same messages as their predecessors.

Some have written the protests off, saying the numbers and lack of definite leadership make it difficult to take seriously. Others have compared it to a Tea Party-like atmosphere of limited political relevance. But MU Associate Political Science professor Moises Arce said Thursday the growing participation parallels many prior revolutions in Latin America and beyond.

He said while it is easy to portray as a fringe group of activists, similar protests have sparked serious consequences in other countries.

Columbia protesters say the effort is in no way a local complaint, but rather one more piece in a large puzzle of upset Americans.