Occupy CoMo Protesters Hold Re-Occupy Protest

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COLUMBIA - Occupy Wall Street protesters marked three months of their movement Saturday with an event in Duarte Square called "re-occupy." The movement comes after protesters across the nation have been evicted from their campsites.

Meanwhile in Columbia, Occupy CoMo protesters organized a similar movement in front of City Hall.  The group said it wanted to re-occupy Columbia after having taken some time off from protesting during the cold weather over the past few weeks. With the help of an organization called Occupy Supply, the group said it should receive the supplies necessary to protest through the winter.

One of the protesters, Spencer Vyrostek, said the group has less people protesting than a couple months ago because it is so hard to convince people to protest out in the cold. However, he said the movement is as strong as ever and the number of its supporters continues to increase.

Vyrostek said the next step for the group is to find an office it can use to hold meetings and organize events.