Occupy Tent

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COLUMBIA - Occupy COMO demonstrators braced themselves Monday for police action toward their tent at Columbia City Hall.

Public Works Director John Glascock told the group on Thursday to have the tent removed by Monday or else the tent would be removed for them. No one sleeps in the tent, and it has been designated by the group as a piece of symbolic art, a lone tent to represent the many tents taken away in other locations.

The conflict follows police intervention across the globe, from London to Oakland, Ca., where protestors associated with the Occupy movement have been forced out of their locations, their tents and supplies removed and some even shot with pepper spray.

City officials said the Columbia Occupy group is violating two city ordinances, including one that specifies that objects cannot block the public sidewalks. The tent currently sits on the sidewalk.

Columbia Police said they have been in contact with the city over the matter, and the city maintains its deadline for tent removal is Monday.