Odom becomes champion off of football field

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri Football Head Coach Barry Odom was recognized today as the "Champion" of SafetyNet of Missouri.

SafetyNet President Mark Edwards said the "Champion" is a high-profile member of the community who supports SafetyNet and can bring positive attention to the organization.

SafetyNet's purpose is to support families who have lost a first responder or safety officer in the line of duty.

If a first responder in Boone or Cole Counties dies in the line of duty, SafetyNet is prepared to give their family $5,000 in the wake of the death and continuous support in the time to come.

Odom received the honor at a luncheon at the Jefferson City Country Club, in front of first responders from Boone and Cole Counties.

Odom spoke after receiving the honor and praised first responders for all they do.

He also recognizes his role as "Champion" and embraces it.

“The organization, the way this is set up, obviously, in a time of need for those families, if I can help and raise awareness to that and be a part of it then absolutely I want to try and help as much as I can,” Odom said.

Edwards admires Odom for his support of first responders and SafetyNet.

“He sees and realizes that these individuals are out there working the street everyday," Edwards said. "We owe it to our first responders, in this type of situation, to not only provide and help them, in this situation, but also pat them on the back every now and again, and that’s what Barry does.”