Officials Approved Lincoln University Project

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JEFFERSON CITY - Lincoln University officials approved a project to replace the roof of Page Library on the campus.

Salt from brick mortar mixes with water over the years creating a white stain residue. Director of Design and Construction Sheila Gassner said the roof leaks constantly making it an appropriate time for the repairs.

"It's at a point where we do have some waste penetrations that are happening," Gassner said. "By going ahead and replacing it at this time, we're going to be able to reuse some of the insulation underneath it to help save costs on it.

Gassner said the university got a loan to fund $1.6 million in projects for the summer. This includes replacing the Richardson Fine Arts Center roof and water proofing the foundation because of infiltration problems. The loan will also fund a new roof for Martin Luther King Hall, a cooling tower and new windows for the fourth floor.

Gassner expects the Page Library project will be completed by the beginning of the school year in August. University officials also have endorsed a list of possible capital improvement projects for the next six years that would add up to $161 million. That list is submitted to state officials, but state funding for college construction has been tight in recent years.

Lincoln University officials say they do not expect to receive state funding for the projects and that developing the capital project list is an exercise in setting priorities.