Officials Urge Safe Driving by Mo. Teens

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is encouraging teenagers and drivers alike, to adopt safe driving habits.

National Teen Driver Safety Week begins Sunday, and is an opportunity to urge teenagers safety as the number one priority on the roads.

"It's important that we do bring awareness not only to the problem with the teens but also to making sure they understand they are in control," MoDOT Highway Director Leanne Depue said.

Officials within the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety said the main opponent to safe driving is distractions including cell phones and passengers.

"There's so many distractions inside the car that's leading to a lot of problems whether it be a cell phone, listening to music, talking to other individuals," Sergeant Paul Reinsch said. "If we can get individuals to concentrate and to be aware of what's going on it's going to keep them safe as well."

Starting Sunday the Missouri Coalition is working with schools to to consistently remind drivers to buckle up and avoid all distractions.

Depue said parents should serve as positive role models behind the wheel for their children, and not speed or drive distracted.