Officials Want Community Input on Short Street Garage Project

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COLUMBIA - After Tuesday's discussion about the new addition to the Columbia art district, Columbia residents have a choice to make. 

The director of the Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA) presented the Short Street Garage Design proposals to the Downtown Columbia Leadership Council and community members to inform them how much their opinion matters to the project.

City rules requires one percent of the cost of any city building project to go to site specific public art, and for this years project they will commission one Missouri artist to make a signature work for the Short Street Garage.

Past projects have been open to artists nationally but this application process was limited to Missouri artists. The Columbia City Council thought that would be the best way to represent the city. 

There is a public comments section on the gocolumbia website to get community feedback.

"We want these pieces to represent the community and it can't represent the community unless we hear from them," said the director of Cultural Affairs Chris Stevens.

One Columbia resident who heard the presentation said public participation is important.

"I would love it if the art that was chosen was something that everyone actually liked," said Rosie Gerding. "Obviously someone is going to think that the piece is awful but I would love it if the majority of Columbians could look at it and enjoy it."

The art piece that is chosen will be featured outside of the Walnut street entrance.

To get involved in this decision visit and comment on your favorite piece.

The comments section will be available until September 3.

After that, the committee will make a recommendation to the Office of Cultural Affairs and the latest recommendation will be sent to the City Council by the first week of October.