Oil Leak May Have Caused Oil to Go Into the Lake

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OSAGE BEACH - A spill Wednesday on the Grand Glaize Bridge caused oil to leak into the Lake of the Ozarks.  Just after 10 a.m., a diesel fuel tank became detached from the  semi-truck that was transporting it.  The tank ruptured, causing about 100 gallons of fuel to leak onto the bridge.

Crews spent hours removing the oil from the bridge.  In addition to the Osage Beach Fire Department, the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Osage Beach Police Department all teamed together to clean up the oil.  The departments poured sand on the oil to get it off the bridge.

The spill took place in the left lane of the bridge, so MoDOT closed down that lane, causing major traffic delays in the area.  That lane is expected to remain closed until a clean up crew can come clear all of the debris from the road.

Some of the oil may have ended up running into the lake.  It is unknown how much, or if any, oil ended up in the lake, but the Osage Beach Fire chief said his department contacted the Department of Natural Resources to warn it of the spill.

A spokesperson for DNR says they are not going to get involved because they say oil did not end up in the lake.