Oil Spill on Bethany Drive

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COLUMBIA - A T-MAC garbage truck spilled oil onto Bethany Drive late Tuesday afternoon.

The Fire Department estimated the spill involved 50-75 gallons of oil. Sources say it was caused by a hydraulic line rupture in the trash truck.

A T-MAC spokesman said hydraulic hose ruptures "don't happen often, but aren't totally uncommon."

The Boone County Fire Department was on site to contain and absorb the spill before the Department of Natural Resources finished the clean-up.

The trash route was interrupted for about an hour as a new truck was needed after the accident.  Because the local landfill closed at 4 p.m. T-MAC was unable to drop off the days' trash.

T-MAC expects tomorrow's route to be delayed by an hour as they will head to the landfill first thing in the morning.

No injuries or accidents were caused by the spill.

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