Old Plan Suggested Demolition, Not Renovation to University Village

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COLUMBIA - A 2008 official master building plan from MU suggested demolition of University Village and stated that "renovation is not a reasonable alternative."

The document describes the building in poor condition including the building structure. The proposed cost for vacating and demolishing the building was $1.6 million. Estimated costs of renovations would be more than $15 million. MU chose not to follow through with the suggestions and has spent $1.1 million in maintenance on the complex since 2009.

Problems noted in the plan include that "deteriorating metal decks are a safety hazard." The plan also documents the apartments as having no sprinkler system or central fire system. 

Other building deficiencies listed are leaky roofs, termite damaged wood structures, and that half of the windows on site are from original construction in 1955.