On eve of demolition, customers talk about Shakespeare\'s

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COLUMBIA - After a week of rescheduling, Shakespeare's Pizza is finally coming down Wednesday morning. 

The demolition was pushed back three times for multiple reasons, but Shakespeare's manager Kurt Mirtsching says it is definitely happening Wednesday. 

Those around the area who have grown up with the restaurant have a lot to say about the project. 

"I think the original building was really cool and it held, like, a really nice vibe for downtown Columbia, and it was just kind of like a homesake for everyone who is a local here," Haley Blaisebenson said. "It sucks that they're demolishing it but... I like that they're rebuilding it the exact same way so it like kind of stays a part of Columbia."

Shakespeare's Pizza was at the Ninth Street and Elm Street location since 1973.

"When I was younger, before they got the other two locations, my family used to come down here all the time and we'd use the laundromat attached to it, and it was kinda like where we always went whenever we wanted to go out as a family," Blaisebenson said. 

Courtney Goldacker had a slightly different opinion. 

"I think it'll be cool [the demolition] just because it's going to be like twice the size, and it was tiny before. So I think it'll be nice just to have, like, a huge area because I know it's really popular, obviously," she said. "It's been here for a long time. So my mom's sister went to Mizzou, and she remembers coming to Shakespeare's when she was younger."

The new building is expected to be finished in August 2016. 

"Hopefully the demolition goes fast, and they can rebuild it so that we can all start enjoying it again!" Blaisebenson said.