Once cold and abandoned, Molly the miracle kitten awaits a forever home

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JEFFERSON CITY - Only one week old, Molly was outside in the snow and sleet. She was found in a very rural part of central Missouri alone in a driveway.

"She would not have survived the night," said Sheila Martens, co-founder of People Helping Paws.

A woman reported finding the soaking wet and abandoned kitten to the Jefferson City animal rescue group, People Helping Paws.

An emergency foster family was asked to take care of the kitten they would soon call Molly.

Her foster family had never fostered before. They learned how to bottle feed the 0.37 pound kitten, who required a feeding every two hours. 

Martens said People Helping Paws is strictly a foster-based rescue. The organization does not have a physical facility for the animals, so they rely on volunteers to take care of the animals. 

"We are always in need of foster homes," Martens said. "If you ever consider helping an animal out for a short period of time, you will literally save a life.”

Along with needing foster homes, the organization is in constant need of supplies such as formula, food and litter. Monetary donations are also welcome. Martens said vet fees cost about $600 per cat to prepare them for adoption.

Molly is now nine weeks old and is available for adoption. Her story has raised attention and Martens said the small kitten is "famous."

"She has become an Internet sensation and she has a bit of a following," Martens said.

Visit the People Helping Paws Facebook to learn about the cats and dogs available for adoption, how to become an animal foster parent and ways to donate.