Once Kewpie and Bruin, Now Tigers

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COLUMBIA - Missouri's Wesley Leftwich is focused while fellow wideout Brandon Gerau is not as concentrated.

"Well, when I first came in I was quiet, really shy, didn't say much and I kind of see that in him," Senior reciever Brandon Gerau said.

Columbia-native Leftwich agrees.

"Oh yeah, I didn't say a word last semester," Leftwich said.

They're pretty similar on the field.

"We're both pretty quick and agile," Leftwich said.

They even listen to different music.

"He likes rap and rock and roll and I like country," Gerau said.

Gerau and Leftwich both line-up at receiver. But that doesn't mean they always take the same stance. In high school, Gerau tore it up for Rock Bridge. Down the road, Leftwich caught attention at Hickman.

"I honestly couldn't hear any of the crowd chants cause they're all just kinda mumbled up," Leftwich said.

"My senior year, put a thumping on hickman. We won 48-0," Gerau said.

Now these guys thump for the same team, even if they're always on the defensive.

"Since we're both from Columbia, we have to kind of stick together since all the others pick on us," Leftwich said.