One City, One Rivalry, One Friendship

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COLUMBIA - Rock Bridge had 21 wins in a row over Hickman, but this season the Kewpies won both. 

 "It's a lot of fun at the end of the day it's just a game and we all know that. We all love the game of basketball, nothing hatred or I mean it's a rivalry but it's great fun, crosstown rival," Rock Bridge junior gaurd Nick Norton said.  

"We used to be rivals but it's not really that anymore. It's really like a brothership between me and Nick," Hickman sophomore guard Jimmy Whitt said.

And that friendship was formed because the two played on the same AAU team this past summer, Norton with the 16-year-olds and Whitt with the 15-year-olds. And since the two have stayed in touch. 

"We talk like when he has an away game or a home game that I can't make it to 'll ask him how he did and he'll ask me how I did," Norton said.

"Almost every other day,we would send a text to each other just to see how the team's doing and just talking so," Whitt said.

"Like I said we're real close, we're like family, going against him is probably the best time that I have playing basketball in high school," Norton said.

But after high school the junior Norton is headed to Creighton and the sophomore Whitt already has an offer from Wichita State.

"Wichita State and Creighton are in the same conference so it's just like a whole new rivalry," Whitt said. 

"It'd be better if he came to Creighton with me, that'd be a lot of fun," Norton said.