One Columbia Park Plans to Develop Like Cosmo-Bethel Park

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COLUMBIA- The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department will hold a meeting Tuesday regarding development plans for the Norma Sutherland Smith Park in northeast Columbia. 

The park is around 50 acres off of Waco Road and Brown Station Road. 

In the development plans, the park will have more parking spaces, fishing ponds, a skate park, tennis courts, a playground, a fitness trail, and shelters. 

The department said a "developed" Norma Sutherland Smith Park will resemble Columbia's Cosmo-Bethel Park. 

The meeting is open to anyone that would like to comment or ask questions regarding the park's plans. 

The public meeting will be held at 3:00 p.m at the Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary School. 

For phase 1 Development plans, click here.

For comprehensive plans, click here.