One Day Left for 2012 Legislative Session

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JEFFERSON CITY - With one day left, the Missouri legislature has been busy with the finals bills of the session.

Early Thursday, the House voted 122-21 to reinstate local sales tax for cars bought out of state. Missourians will pay state sales tax and their city or town's local sales tax on the car. The Senate passed the bill on Wednesday, so now it awaits Gov. Jay Nixon's signature. However, Gov. Nixon has heavily criticized it and is not expected to sign it.

The House also voted to continue collecting a fee for DNA samples from criminals. In a large majority, 136-6, the members extended the fee until 2019. The current charge expires in August 2013. It already had Senate approval, and now goes to Gov. Nixon.

Gov. Nixon also has a bill that would require interstate truck drivers to provide proof that they are in a healthy state. The proof would have to come from medical professional and drivers would have to give it to the state. With the bill, Missouri would be in compliance with a federal rules, avoiding a possible $30 million penalty.

The Governor also has the bill that will not allow the KU Jayhawk on Missouri license plates. The bill passed Wednesday night in the House.

Another bill still awaiting his signature is the college transfer bill, which would make it easier for college students to transfer between public universities and colleges in Missouri.

Bills that could come up Friday include voiding "Obamacare" in Missouri, giving the Health Department power to investigate and shut down an unlicensed child care provider if there are pending criminal charges against the provider. Another would require cats and dogs to have a rabies vaccination. Finally, expanding the crime of child abuse to include causing injury by shaking, pushing or kicking a child could also be debated.

The session ends Friday at 6 p.m.