One Man Hospitalized after Rocheport Bridge Accident

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BOONE COUNTY - The Boone County Fire Protection District helped transport one man to University Hospital Monday morning after the front end of his car was pinned under a semi truck.

Battalion Chief Gale Blomenkamp described the man's injuries as moderate, and said the man was conscious and responsive at the time of transport.

Blomenkamp said that was the only reported injury from the accident that happened just before 8:00 a.m. Monday and involved five passenger cars and two semis. The accident was responsible for shutting down both westbound lanes of Interstate 70 for multiple hours Monday morning. 

The initial cause of the accident was a semi that hit the Jersey barrier on the driving lane of westbound I-70. The driver lost control of the vehicle which caused an "accordion effect" leading to the other accidents piling up behind the truck. 

Some witnesses to the scene on the bridge said there was spilled oil on the bridge. Blomenkamp said the oil was a result of spilled diesel fuel from the damaged semi trucks.

Despite radio reports of an overturned semi on the bridge, Blomenkamp said neither tractor-trailer was overturned. He said the cab of one of the semis was torn away from the frame, but the driver was not injured.  

There are no other reported injuries.

"I would call them all very, very lucky," said Blomenkamp.

Photo courtesy: Boone County Fire Department.