One million nails donated to help Habitat for Humanity rebuild damaged, local homes

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JEFFERSON CITY — The River City Habitat for Humanity housed more than 1 million nails over the weekend.

Mid Continent Steel and Wire, a Missouri-based company, donated the nails to the nonprofit to help rebuild damaged homes.

"It (the donation) represents the community tying together and being willing to support Jefferson City," said Amy Gillespie, Habitat for Humanity volunteer coordinator.

Many homes in Jefferson City are still damaged and unlivable because of the tornadoes that ripped through the town back in May.

Rebuilding efforts are underway months later.

The nail donation from Mid Continent Steel and Wire will help build at least 75 more homes. The company wheeled in the 10,000 pounds of nails into River City Habitat for Humanity on Sept. 12.

With the nails, the Gillespie says the goal is to provide shelter to families.

The first family of tornado victims moved into a rebuilt Habitat for Humanity home on Aug. 9. After renting the home for nearly a month, the Walker family officially bought the home—for a discounted price—on Sept. 4.

The family used to live just minutes down the road from their new home. But May’s tornadoes demolished it.

That’s when the family applied and eventually got the good news—they had been chosen.

"We've mourned that home, but we've been grateful to move right back into the same neighborhood," mother Natlie Walker. "My children are still connected with their friends. I'm still close to my job."

Habitat for Humanity hopes to place four more families, like the Walkers, by next summer. 

The process starts by Habitat for Humanity either buying or accepting a donated a home. A construction crew comes through and renovates or rebuilds the home. The last step—placement.

The application for Habitat for Humanity housing is located on its website.