One Tough Bulldog

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - An injury can end a career.

A nerve disorder can prevent the career from beginning.

Some say, know your limits. South Callaway's junior cornerback Jon Irwin would rather forget.

"For the first two weeks or so, I probably couldn't breathe. I was drinking all the time. Almost passed out once," Irwin said.

Irwin is no stranger to adversity.

"Jon just has a special place because he had so much going against him, he's been able to work through that and that's been awesome to watch," South Callaway head coach Tim Rulo said.

The defensive back is playing his first football season ever not without some extra hardware though.

"About four years ago, in eighth grade, I found out that i have muscular dystrophy disease," Irwin said. "I've got four screws in both feet. I've had tendons moved and scars everywhere."

Irwin has stage three CMT: a nerve disorder that affects his lower legs. He's not alone. His father Rick has the same condition.

I'm proud of him for doing this because that's one thing I didn't do in high school. Even my closest friends that I went to school with didn't know. They just thought I ran funny," Rick Irwin said.

With his dad's support, Irwin accepts the challenge football offers.

"Now, I mean I won't say it's easy, but I'll say it's easy. Just don't tell them."