Online business owner reacts to CPD designated exchange location

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COLUMBIA - Customers who make purchases online will now have a safe meeting place to make in person exchanges, and online business owners said they like the idea. 

Citizens can use the The Columbia Police Department lobby as an online exchange safe zone.

Public Information Officer Bryana Maupin said the lobby is accessible 24 hours a day and is under constant surveillance.

"You would then ask to meet at the police department rather than maybe some parking lot," Maupin said.

A local online business onwer, Jasmine Cooper, said she makes in person exchanges sometimes.

"I only meet friends or friends of a friend in person," Cooper said. 

Cooper sells statement necklaces and customized t-shirts online.

As a college student, Cooper said she would usually meet people on campus, but the new safe zone will be helpful for her to make exchanges to members in the Columbia community.

"I try to meet them in a well lit area, a public space, just because you never really know what can happen," Cooper said. 

Cooper said it is very important to have a safe space not only for the owner but also for the customer. 

According to Maupin, the exchange of firearms and other weapons is not allowed in the lobby.