Online grocery shopping on the rise in mid-Missouri

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COLUMBIA - Customers in Columbia now have another option when grocery shopping.

Hy-Vee recently launched Aisles Online in Columbia, a portal for online grocery shopping.

Doug Mezger, store director of the Conley Road Hy-Vee, said profits have increased week by week since the portal launched at the end of July.

Customers who use the online service can choose to have their groceries delivered or picked up in stores.

"The feedback we've gotten is kind of unbelievable for our customers," Mezger said. "It's been a good service."

The online grocery market is a growing segment of the market, according to University of Missouri Assistant Research Professor Eric Parsons.

"All the things that make online shopping nice for clothes and electronics, they are true for groceries as well," Parsons said. "You can do it from home, it saves you time, there's convenience." 

About 11 percent of the grocery market will be online by 2025, according to a publication by the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association.

Mezger said Columbia is the perfect market for online grocery shopping because of the amount of families and households.

While some shoppers agreed online shopping for groceries is convenient, some customers said they still preferred the "classic" way of grocery shopping.

"I like grocery shopping myself. I'm the cook of the household, but I can definitely see the advantages of doing it online," Columbia resident Scott West said.

Another shopper, however, disagreed.

"It's just not for us," customer Amy Preddy-West said.

All three Columbia Hy-Vee locations at Broadway, Conley Road and Nifong Boulevard are participating in the online program.

KOMU 8 News spoke with Schnucks, Gerbes and Lucky's Market in Columbia. They did not offer the same kind of online shopping program.