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COLUMBIA - Community outreach officers will offer residents the chance to take a job survey that will connect them with employment opportunities.

Civic Relations Manager Toni Messina, with the social equity strategic priority team, said the survey is a way to connect unemployed people to different resources, like job preparedness agencies.

"This is not an employment application, it’s an indicator of your employment interest," Messina said. "When you submit the form, it’ll go to a couple of local temp agencies, to Missouri job service, and to Job Point. Then those agencies can connect with the individual who submitted the form and they can hopefully work towards some kind of job placement."

Officers will bring laptops with them on visits to the Central Neighborhood starting the week of June 19 so residents can take the online survey. 

The form has 18 employment interest categories to choose from. People can also mark "other" if a specific job they're looking for isn't on the form.

Faculty from Columbia Public Schools built the survey online.

CPS Community Relations Director Michelle Baumstark said the school district was excited to help with the project as a way to show its students the connection between graduation and employment.

"So much of your success as an individual, it increases exponentially when you graduate high school," Baumstark said. "We felt like this was an important resource to be able to provide. And it’s something that we have the technology skills here to be able to create that relatively easily so it can be used and have a large impact on the population."

The survey is in its pilot stage, so officers will only be distributing it in Columbia's Central Neighborhood for now. Messina said, in about a month, the social equity team will evaluate whether it can introduce the survey to other areas of the community.