Online Scams

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COLUMBIA - As the holidays approach, more people will be going online and making last minute purchases. But one thing the Better Business Bureau says consumers should be looking out for this holiday season, besides good deals, is scams.

Mike Odneal, Branch Manager of the Better Business Bureau says around the holidays there are more instances where people find themselves victims of e-mail fraud.

"One way they can do that is when they get an e-mail, they can take their mouse and hover over the link, and many times your computer will give you the actual link to the actual website that the link will go to. And if it doesnt match the name of the organization that sent you that email, or where that email came from, then that's a good indication that you shouldnt click on that link at all," said Odneal.

Robert Moranda of computer repair shop, PC Avenue also gave a few tips on how to avoid getting ripped off this season.

- First, know what you ordered, especially around the holidays when the number of gifts to keep track of can add up.

- If using a shipping service like FedEx, take advantage of tracking numbers, if available, so you know where your purchases are.

- If you're unsure about a possible scam or a link in an e-mail looks strange; Google it to see if others have experienced a similar situation.

- Be wary that while online shopping may have its advantages, it still presents risks that don't exist when shopping in a regular store.