Only Full Service Gas Staton in Columbia Expands

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COLUMBIA- The oldest full service gas station in Columbia held a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday evening to celebrate the opening of its expanded auto service center.

Mutrux Sinclair has been planning and constructing a new service garage for over two years, but it didn’t have to close for business at any point in that process.

“We needed to be able to pay for the thing, so we had to find a way to make the construction and our regular business all work at the same time,” Mutrux Sinclair co-owner Cindy Mutrux said.

Full-service gas stations are those that have attendants pump the gas themselves, making it so customers don’t need to get out of their car to fill up their tank. Mutrux Sinclair doesn’t charge an extra fee for this extra service, leading to the station actually losing money on gas sales.

“We see what Break Time is charging and we try and stay within pennies of that. We don’t want people to feel like they need to pay extra just to come here,” Ross Mutrux said.

The auto shop accounts for all of its profits, which largely inspired the decision to expand that part of the business. The new garage will allow it to service larger vehicles, as well as keep up with growing business.

“We were just too busy to stay just in our old garage. Plus that thing was built 50 years ago and wasn’t built to handle the cars they make today,” Ross Mutrux said.

The location on the corner of Stadium Blvd. and Rollins Road has operated as a Sinclair gas station since 1963. Ross and Cindy Mutrux bought the station in 2003, turning it into a joint gas station and auto service center.

They say the business is better than ever with the new garage, and look forward to continue to service the Columbia community with their establishment.

(Editor's note: this story has been corrected to reflect Mutrux Sinclair is Columbia's oldest full-service station, not the only full-service station)