Opel Sets Sights on Jayhawks

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COLUMBIA -- Missouri Baseball ends its regular season this weekend in Lawrence, Kansas. Tiger Dane Opel is trying to build on his Big 12 home run league leading total.

For a batter, hitting the offspeed pitch requires patience.

Opel said, "I guess I've just been staying back better."

For dane opel, patience is no longer a virtue.

Opel said, "I had a shoulder surgery after my freshman year here and last year was real hard for me too. I had a hand injury. I think I only hit .209 for the year. It was mental, physical. All that stuff."

But things are looking up for Opel. He leads the Big 12 in home runs with 11 and his buddy Blake Brown has nine.

Opel said, "Me and Blake, we're both from Illinois so we call ourselves the Ill squad. And since we have the most home runs on the team, we always go back and forth with that. But he's way more into home runs than I am. He talks about em all the time. He's jealous, so I kinda like that."

But this weekend, it's about shutting down Kansas.

Opel said "We're trying to sweep KU, obviously. And if me hitting home runs helps that out, that'd be great."

Opel said, "I grew up in a huge Mizzou family. My dad played football here, my mom went here, my brother went here, so I've grown up in a big, I guess, hating-KU family is a good way to put it."

"We don't like them. They don't like us," said Opel