Open house for Columbia's bicentennial celebration set for Wednesday

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COLUMBIA - The city of Columbia is beginning to prepare for Columbia's bi-centennial celebration in 2021. 

On Wednesday, CoMo 200 Task Force - short for the Mayor's Task Force on Bicentennial Celebration Planning - will host an open house for the public and encourage people to become more involved in the celebration, which includes the expansion of Flat Branch park. 

The expansion includes a potential brick restoration of fourth street as well as different sculpture locations and potential viewing areas. The updated park would then be the prime event center for the celebration in the summer. 

Megan McConachie, communications manager at the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau, works as a liaison to the Mayor's Task Force on Bicentennial Celebration Planning. 

"We want an opportunity for the public to get an update in person to be able to interact with those members of the task force, ask them questions, give feedback, give ideas," McConachie said. "I think that's really the end goal is just to keep people posted. But yeah, definitely also look for those opportunities, maybe where we can partner with others and you know, kind of bring people into the fold and get them involved and excited about the project."

The open house is set for Wednesday evening starting at 5:30 p.m. at the Walton Building on 300 S. Providence Road.