Opioid related hospital visits spike in young kids

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. - A study published by researchers at the Yale University School of Medicine on Monday found hospital visits related to opioid use has increased sharply since the 1990's. 

The most shocking spike was a 205% increase in opioid poisoning cases in toddlers. The rate of hospitalizations for children overall increased by 165%. The majority of hospitalizations for opioid poisonings were in teens. 

The study was based on hospital records from between 1997 and 2012, and concluded, "Mitigating these risks will require comprehensive strategies that target opioid storage, packaging, and misuse."

The CDC started its "Up & Away" campaign to educate parents about prescription safety. 

It recommends

  • keeping medicine out of reach and sight
  • using safety caps on pill bottles
  • reminding house guests of medicine safety
  • teaching kids about medicine safety
  • calling Poison Control whenever an accidental overdose is suspected 

The CDC estimates 60,000 children end up in the hospital each year for accidental ingestion of medicine found in the home.