Opus will build in downtown Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council approved the Opus apartment complex building plan, despite some opposition from residents.

In a special news release, the city council said it approved the development plans, and there were three last steps before Opus can start building the 256-bedroom apartment complex.

The three existing buildings on the north side of Locust Street between Seventh Street and Eighth Street will be demolished to make room for the complex. Those buildings will have to be disconnected from all utility lines before demolition can begin.

Opus will also have to post a performance bond, an insurance policy in case the company were to lose funding and not be able to finish the development once it starts.

Finally, one of the building's tenants will have to be relocated before the old buildings can come down.

Once those three requests are fulfilled, Opus will be able to start construction. The six-story building is estimated to take about a year to build. City officials say no public streets will be closed during this process.