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COLUMBIA - Oranges were scattered across Highway 63 near the Vandiver Drive exit Tuesday afternoon. A witness said the strap on the back of a truck filled with oranges snapped, sending oranges flying across the highway. He and some others driving by stopped to collect some of the free oranges.

One man didn't want his name included in the story because he was nervous what he was doing might be illegal. He had filled the bed of his truck with hundreds of oranges. He told KOMU 8 News that he didn't want the oranges to go to waste and that he was going to try to sell the oranges.

Within three hours of the orange spill all of the undamaged oranges were taken and all that was left on the highway were a few smashed oranges.

MoDot told KOMU 8 News that there is nothing illegal about collecting abandoned items from the side of the road, but there is a safety concern whenever vehicles pull over on the shoulder of a highway.