Organization Aims to Rescue Trailer Park Cats

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COLUMBIA - The "Spay, Neuter and Protect" (SNAP) organization found two more kittens at the abandoned Regency Trailer Park Friday, part of an effort to rescue cats left behind as residents move out of the defunct park. SNAP started looking for neglected cats after receiving a phone call saying there were several feral cats around the area.

The Regency Cat Project aims to feed, catch and spay or neuter the cats. The organization also works with No Kill Columbia and Columbia Second Chance for donations. 

After the cats are spayed or neutered, they are released. The reason they are released is because feral cats are wild cats and need to be put back where they came from. Most of the time these cats do not make good pets, so SNAP is looking for foster homes or barn homes to take them in. SNAP volunteer, Christina McCullen said they have found 35 cats, but believes there are many more. SNAP's first adoption was Thursday.

There will be a fundraiser June 9 at Cafe Berlin to raise money to save these cats. For more information on how to help you can go to the SNAP website.