Organization hosts forum to educate on state convention

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GREENVIEW - A Missouri organization hosted a forum Sunday to provide information about a convention that could make changes to the United States Constitution.

The Lake of the Ozarks Chapter of Concerned Women of America held its forum on a proposed convention of states.

States would send delegates to propose constitutional amendments that would limit the power of the federal government.

Convention of the States Missouri State Director Keith Carmichael said the organization saw increased interest in their organization and state convention following the recent Supreme Court decisions. 

Carmichael said the interest hasn't just come from citizens.

"There really is an awakening going on. It's across the country. It's one citizen at a time. The voters, and finally those who serve in the legislature. They are also having an awakening to this process," Carmichael said.

During the forum participants saw presentations from a state convention supporter, as well as a presentor who spoke against the issue.

Concerned Women of America State Director Bev Ehlen said her organization hosted the event to allow people to learn more about the movement and help make informed decisions.

"We wanted to make sure that the people understood that this was an issue of the state, and for them to be informed so they can therefore contact their state representative and state senator and let them know how they feel about it," said Ehlen.

A proposed convention of states was passed in the Missouri Senate with a 26-5 vote and moved on to the House of Representatives. The end of the legislative session prevented further action and no vote was taken on the convention.