Organizations rally against the Trump administration

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COLUMBIA — Students and representatives from more than 15 local organizations gathered at the University of Missouri Friday for a rally called 'Inaugurating Resistance Against the Trump Agenda."

According to the director of the Mid-Missouri Peaceworks and event organizer Mark Haim, the rally aimed to inaugurate an era of activism and social change. 

MU student Carrie Davis said the event is about resisting the normalcy of Donald Trump's presidency.

"We are saying we are not going to go along with these laws and the things that he's saying," Davis said.

The rally featured members from a variety of progressive local organizations such as Columbia Climate Change Coalition, Mid-Missouri Fellowship of Reconciliation and Mid-Missouri Peaceworks. 

Attendees gave their personal experience on issues such as environmental change and immigration to share perspectives on what they called an inclusive future.

"What's essential right now for us to recognize is the direction of Donald Trump and the people he's appointed in positions of power are taking us is not in our interest," Haim said.

He said he disapproves of the Trump administration policies on the LGBTQ community, women's rights and mass deportation.

"We need people who are going to serve us, the American citizens and the American population," Haim said.

He said, collectively, the United States is in "a pit latrine."

"We need to get up. We need to clean ourselves off. We need to change our situation," he said.

The chair of the Boone County Republican Central Committee, Mike Zweifel, said he is happy about the inauguration of Trump and the peaceful transformation of power. 

While he said he believes the anti-Trump protesters have the right to voice their opinions, Zweifel said the majority has spoken.

"In November, a lot of people stood up for what they believed in and Republicans won decisively in Missouri and all across the country," Zweifel said.