Organizations teach the signs of consent with elementary games

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COLUMBIA - Two MU organizations teamed up against sexual assault on Saturday.

Zeta Beta Tau and It’s On Us Mizzou hosted a large game of red light, green light to teach the campus community about sexual consent.

The rules of the game were a little different than the red light, green light you remember from elementary school. Green still means go, but if players heard the emcee say, “yellow light,” they had to ask someone next to them for consent to move forward.

Event organizer and Internal Philanthropy chair Nathan Dare said the game is an easy way for people to understand how consent works. 

“This event makes sure everyone knows green light means go and yellow light means stop and truly ask the question,” Dare said. 

 Lauren Schwartz attended the event and said she thinks talking about consent in a group setting makes it feel like a less targeted conversation.

“Sexual assault awareness is needed,” Schwartz said. “Especially on college campuses.”  

She said it’s easier to have a conversation about sexual consent when there are other people around.

“I hope it brings us all together,” Dare said. “I hope it ends these useless acts against not only women, but men who are here to learn and grow as people.”

Dare said by partnering with It’s On Us he hopes there is a change in the climate on campus.

“This is about making sure everyone on campus feels safe,” Dare said.