Organizers and businesses prepare for annual True/False Film Fest

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COLUMBIA — In less than a week, downtown Columbia will be filled with people attending the annual True/False Film Fest. 

Camellia Cosgray, managing director for True/False, said everything is on track to for the kickoff next Thursday. 

"Our setup crews are already starting work actually, moving in some things into some spaces that we use." she said. "Our tech crews come in this weekend and they will be starting to set up projection systems on Sunday afternoon."  

Cosgray said there is a lot that goes into making True/False successful. 

"I start thinking about the next year before the current year ends. We all strive to think about, as we are doing things how could this be better," she said. 

True/False organizers aren't the only ones getting ready. The owner of Yellow Dog Bookshop, Joe Chevalier, said he hopes to see an increase in book sales.

"The Saturday of True/False is usually one of our two or three biggest days of the year," he said. 

Chevalier said he typically sees sales double, but that's not the only thing he enjoys about the festival. 

"Just the energy of the festival. It's a very positive event. From the 'March March,' which goes down Ninth Street, is just so much fun, people coming back to Columbia that used to live here and people visiting for the first time. It's just a great experience," he said. 

Cosgray said people who don't have tickets yet, don't need to worry. 

"It's very accessible even if you only want to see one movie or you can't devote that much time. There are a lot of ways to access the fest," she said. 

For more information on how to buy tickets, go to the True/False website.