Osage County Sheriff reveals manhunt suspect injured police officer

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LINN - Osage County Sheriff Michael Dixon provided new information on a two-day manhunt during an afternoon news conference Saturday.

The search for Jeremy Holweg ended Friday when Dixon arrested him at a pizza shop in Eureka, near St. Louis. Holweg had been the subject of a multiple-county manhunt after he assaulted a woman Wednesday and escaped police custody while being placed in a patrol car.

Deputies were dispatched around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday to a burglary and "domestic in progress" in Rich Fountain, according to Dixon. He said Holweg assaulted his estranged wife inside her home. There were two other people in the residence at the time. Dixon said Holweg's wife denied medical treatment on the scene.

Dixon said while being taken from the home to a police vehicle, Holweg escaped custody and injured Linn Police Officer Vince Vanderfeltz in the process. Vanderfeltz was transported to a local hospital and has since been released. 

Dixon said, "He had some pretty serious injuries, I know that he's gonna be out of work for a while."

After Holweg escaped, authorities pursued Holweg on foot for a short distance without success.

"Initially after Mr. Holweg escaped the custody of the Linn Police Department, he broke into a couple other homes," Dixon said."We're still investigating those, we've recovered some stolen property." Dixon said those homes were in the immediate vicinity of Rich Fountain.

Dixon said Holweg took clear steps to avoid police in the initial search.

"Holweg knew where we were at. It was early in the morning, it was dark," Dixon said. "He has that to his advantage. There were some things that he did to fly under the radar."

Dixon said while Holweg was inside a residence hiding from police, he made himself a meal. Dixon said he also hid himself inside a hay bale. 

This wasn't Holweg's first run-in with the law.

"He does have a very lengthy criminal record, he was on parole," Dixon said. "He has several previous arrests and convictions."

Holweg left the area late Wednesday afternoon. A tip led deputies to believe Holweg would be at the Walmart in Eureka, near St. Louis, Friday. Deputies Patrick Boatman and Dee Dishman took Holweg into custody in a store adjacent to the Walmart. 

When asked how Holweg got from Rich Fountain to Eureka, Dixon said he knew, but couldn't comment as it was still under investigation.

Holweg is being held at the Osage County Jail on no bond and is being charged with first-degree burglary, second-degree physical assault, stealing and resisting arrest. His charges include three felonies and one misdemeanor. 

"I was exceptionally pleased with our results," Dixon said. "We were able to get him into custody really quickly, without incident."