Osage County Sheriff Still Working Despite Criminal Charges

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OSAGE COUNTY- Despite being charged with sexual misconduct Wednesday, Osage County Sheriff Michael Dixon was still working Friday.

Dixon still has his Class A license, which classifies him as a law enforcement officer.

Dixon's secretary said he was not in the office all day Friday.

Dixon's trial to determine whether he gets removed him from his position will begin with an investigation by the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) commission.

Following its investigation, the Administrative Hearing Commission will hold a hearing on the case to determine if there is cause to go to trial.

If the AHC finds probable cause, the Department of Public Safety will be tried under the representation of Attorney General Chris Koster.

From there, Dixon will be disciplined based on the outcome of the trial.

There is a 30-day waiting period between the trial with the AHC and the Department of Public Safety.

If Dixon does not resign or if a citizen does not file a petition for his removal, it will be at least 30 more days until he can be disciplined.

The trial to determine whether he is removed from office is separate from a potential court trial.