osage flooding

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COLE COUNTY – After heavy rains caused flash floods in Callaway County, home and business owners along the Osage River are hoping for a dry weekend.

“We have to watch it constantly," said Sherri Taylor, the owner of Mari Osa Delta Campground.

She said when areas got most of the rain on Tuesday night, she was able to warn several campers about flooding in time to move their trailers. She said she hopes there won’t be as much rain this weekend, so it doesn’t impact business.

“I may have to call my weekend campers and tell them that they can’t come because, if they can’t get down there, they can’t have a spot,” she said.

One of Mari Osa’s campers said he recently moved to his lot from California, where there had been flooding, and feels like he "can’t catch a break."

However, Some people like Taylor take the flooding somewhat in stride. 

“It’s just part of living on the river,” she said. 

The Osage River was observed Thursday morning at a level of 25 feet, which is just hitting major flood level.

Resident Bill Edwards said levels like this don’t scare him and his neighbors much because they are familiar with the waters.

“The Missouri River is north of us here and the lake south of us, and we’re kind of in between, and they kind of fight each other or one of them is dumping in,” he said. “And you just hope things work out.”

Still, Edwards said he is being cautious.

“I’m kind of preparing for a bigger flood, cause, if it’s this way and we get too much more rain, it could end up in the house,” he said.